Experience and multichannel marketing, and data driven and mobile marketing, are just some of the concepts and approaches that have dramatically wedded marketing paradigms with traditional client management.
We need competences, personalised solutions, and tools capable of translating the awareness and talent of people into information useful for planning decisions and business moves in step with the demands of clients who are increasingly immersed in digital and digitalised contexts.
Today, regardless of the sector in question, all businesses are inevitably required to collect, structure, and measure their content and data relative to the user/client experience so as to guarantee 360º “lifetime value” in a timely manner, coherent with all the channels and with every single clientele segment personalised.

Thanks to its partnership with Adobe and the best of the digital world, móveo have made their digital information management division their flagship sector.



service for management guides you in choosing ICT for your business, plans winning technological solutions for you and manages your IT system to help you achieve your goals without surprises and distractions. We are your loyal partner for all your Service Management needs.

A company of professionals who recognise the strategic value of information services and wants to make the most of our services to grow your business. Our experience has matured in sectors to critical efficiency and we design tailor-made solutions for our clients, particularly with regard to functional, organisational, and operative profiles.

Avant-garde knowledge, a simple and dynamic operative structure, motivation, a culture of Client satisfaction, and a wide and reliable professional network allow us to swiftly offer effective solutions at extremely competitive prices.

Innovating is not enough. Just as it is not enough and not always correct to develop processes and services driven, in a completely arbitrary manner, by the client’s subjective satisfaction. Every action that impacts on the business flows has a price. And when we speak of innovation, development, or change, this price can get out of control if the right processes are not implemented.

This is why the PPM division is born from móveo’s extensive experience; it works towards a framework that follows the entire lifecycle of the environment: from the resources involved (both human and financial) to the stakeholders’s value projection.

We believe that development must always come before efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and redundancies to the minimum, maintaining high levels of flexibility and the evolution “rhythm” of projects that we want to grow.

This is why we have found our preferential ally in changepoint and we are sure that, with the right guide, you will too.

project portfolio

big data

It is an increasingly widespread opinion amongst managers, as well as our Clients, that knowing how to organise and use a company’s Big Data is key for generating value.

Herbert Simon, 1978 Nobel Prize winner for his studies on “bounded rationality”, has long highlighted the difficulties encountered in the decision making process due to the constraints of time, information, and competencies.

This challenge, therefore, has always accompanied managers, but in the past two decades, it has become unavoidable due to the growing complexity of the competitive environment and the high expectations of all the stakeholders involved in business processes.

By best organising information that is sometimes too unstructured, and collecting and classifying it further in a focused manner, it is possible to construct a system that constitutes a “laboratory” for manages to test intuitions and suggestions that result from experience gained.

Clients often ask us how it is possible to face the complexity of the external environment while mitigating the effects of “bounded rationality”.

In a recent piece of research published on the Sloan Management Review from MIT, three essential elements are indicated:
1. considering the flows of information rather than the data historically collected
2. training “data scientists” and business process experts rather than historical data analysts
3. bringing expertise on “analytics” and Big Data out of the IT function and into the business core, operations, and production functions.

We’re ready to help you take these opportunities. Are you?

Risk Management
Complexity management involves identifying events that could destroy value. móveo considers Risk management an opportunity for continued improvement.

Project Management
móveo collaborates with businesses applying this discipline of planning, organisation, management, guidance, and control of resources to achieve specific strategic goals.

Service Management
The delivery of a project is the start and not the end of Client’s activities.
móveo ensures that processes are organised and monitored according the Service Management best practice.

ict consulting

service desk

Maintaining the provision of a high quality service is a goal that a company should have. To achieve this, it is often necessary to guarantee a high level service desk, whether concerning an inbound choice or, all the more so, an outbound one. Planning and documenting the processes for transforming “issues” into a knowledge base, and ensuring the isolation of issues, where and whenever possible, so as to maintain the entire lifecycle of issues below established SLA levels, are just some of the metrics by which the planning of a quality service desk can be evaluated.

It is for this reason móveo is specialised in the development of a SD orientated around minimal support costs, maximal employee experience and, the most important point of all, customer satisfaction.

But in the real world, we know that there are other factors to be considered for an excellent SD and, each time that we make one, we know that it opens a new universe.

We are ready to discover yours.