móveo is founded on solid experience in the fields of company organisation, ICT, and the strategic management of human and business resources. We aim to build relationships that bring our clients to a “balanced” growth, one which passes through a journey of knowledge and not forced growth “at any cost”.

Our experience (and our clients) tells us that the most prosperous businesses are those which create processes of “sustainable growth”, the kind of processes that start from the awareness of one’s own background, of the internal culture, and the inevitable market call for increasingly reasoned business models.

And this is precisely móveo’s cornerstone: the rational, knowledgeable, and strategic passage from a business model, a workflow, a tradition to another. All this through a constructive process and not simply focused on change at any cost.

this is why móveo is from strategy to delivery

Quoting the always knowledgeable Albert Einstein: “the ancestor of every action is a thought”. This is why in móveo we prefer to focus firstly on deeply understanding which is the company in front of us, who are the people and how is currently organized. Only by perfectly understanding this model we can create a new one. Often in fact, the most typical mistake carried out in the strategic field is that of thinking that to position (or re-position) oneself on the market, we should look for technical and technological solutions. The truth is that those solutions always come after having worked well with the people, with the management models and with governance in general.

Machines, softwares and technology are merely tools. People taking decisions make the difference.