with móveo

If you have chosen móveo as your ideal partner to support your company in facing current and especially future scenarios, in handling the complex process of keeping up with the market and in defining how new technologies and processes can be employed to achieve success, always bear in mind that, at the end of the day, your crew is the one true company asset that will make a difference on the market.
Together, we can arrange a training programme, integrated with the project activities of the colleagues from strategy and delivery, ensuring the total involvement of your company’s human resources.
In an environment where the Digital Transformation actually shatters the boundaries between IT and the other compartments of your company, it’s strategic to involve the resources affected by the technological or procedural changes, together with the resources directly occupied with technological projects, in order to simplify the adoption of the new working tools.

why opt for
training with móveo

  • Because in our classrooms you will always find training experts who are also industry professionals, involved daily with their customer’s projects. Consequently, they will bring the added value of their field experience to enrich the contents of our courses.
  • Because we value your training investment customising it based on your requirements and resources. In addition, the target of our training is to obtain international recognised certificates. On the one hand, this contributes maximising the ROI, on the other hand we design the training programmes with you, integrated in projects of technological, organisational and procedural innovation, making change smoother and easier for your company.
  • Because we consider our training programmes an integral part of the ongoing projects with the colleagues from the other Strategy and Delivery directions. Training, coaching and communication concern the human aspect of projects that bring with them technological, organisational and process change for your company, these are all strategic projects that must be correctly understood and adopted by the business assets without delays, reluctance or struggles of any other type.
  • Because we are accredited by APMG and PeopleCert. That simply means that every year we undergo strict quality checks of our internal processes, of our materials and of the trainers whom provide our services. Accreditation means Quality, along every step of the service provision process.